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Building competitive enterprises across Himalayas


Farmers have access to highly fertile land but limited information on modern farming techniques, high revenue produce, preserving and packaging techniques.

1. Farmers grow perishable food and grain that’s sold within their community or region with limited accessibility to metropolitan cities. 

2. Don’t leverage their fertile land and abundance of water to the best use as they’re unaware of irrigation techniques and farming cycles​

3. Don’t have access and skills and material to package their produce and a market it in cities

ln the Himalayan Mountains this issue is magnified because: 

1. Farming is a way of life in the Himalayas, villagers sustain on small patches of land through which they sustain their own personal requirements and sell their remaining produce to the wholesale hub close to their village. Leaving them with little or no money to sustain their basic needs. 

2. Cash flow issues for villagers, Loans and financial distress along with No alternative revenue sources for villagers that leads to poor living conditions, healthcare, sanitation, and an increased illiterate population


Targeting a cluster of 10 villages, 100+ farmers, and 3 states, HES is enabling production innovation, diversification of distribution channels, upskilling, and improved market linkages. Working as continued advisors, we handhold initial execution, facilitate partnerships with FMCGs, and seek to bring a mindset shift – from subsistence to profitability.


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